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The Nick Peters & Gareth Senior Podcast

Episode 8 - Drugs

Thu 6th Nov, 2008

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Two blokes discuss Big Black, The Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Broken Family Band, Elliott Smith, Gomez, and Bomb The Bass. All linked together by a narcotic theme.

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Here's what we played:

  1. Big Black - "L Dopa"

    (from Songs About Fucking)
  2. The Strawberry Alarm Clock - "Incense And Peppermints"

  3. Gomez - "Ruff Stuff"

    (from In Our Gun)
  4. Elliott Smith - "Junk Bond Trader"

    (from Figure 8)
  5. The Broken Family Band - "The Mardi Gras Rescue Mission"

    (from Cold Water Songs)
  6. Bomb The Bass - "Bug Powder Dust"

    (from Clear, 1994)

Notes & Errata:

The cover art is photoshopped from the cover of Everything But The Girl's "Walking Wounded" release.

The Britpop documentary is probably John Dower's 2003 documentary Live Forever. The Steve Albini tour diary first appeared in Forced Exposure issue 13.

The online poker forum where Steve Albini answers questions.

The Dr Oliver Sacks book / De Niro film is Awakenings rather than Sleepers.

Shellac is Steve Albini's current band.

John Carter wrote 'Incense & Peppermints'.

Goffin and King's wrote the Loco-motion (1962) before Porpoise Song (1968).

The third 'Summer of Love' was in 2004.

YouTube hosts the Kerry Katona 'car-crash' interview we mentioned.

Because he "just wants to dance in your tangles" is a reference to the Neutral Milk Hotel song 'Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone'.


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