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The Nick Peters & Gareth Senior Podcast

Episode 9 - B-Sides

Thu 8th Jan, 2009

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his episode we're discussing B-sides. What makes a good B-side? Why don't we get those cute mini CDs any more? Is Lenny Kravitz a black man? Why xylophone solos rock and mandolin solos suck. We also spend a lot of time taking about hip-hop despite, and we freely admit this, knowing virtually nothing about the genre. As per usual we come to no meaningful conclusions, but that's simply not the point.

Apologies for the scratchiness of the Tribe Called Quest track and the needle jump on the Curtis Mayfield track.

Your comments are welcome - email us with those. And we'll see you next time with episode ten! (who'd ha thunk we'd get this far? not us). It'll be a round-up episode and we'll be playing all those acts that we're banging on about but have yet to play.

Uh, before I forget, we started a blog where we occasionally expand on stuff that gets mentioned in the podcast.

Here's what we played:

  1. Adorable - "Obsessively Yours"

    (from Footnotes: Best of, 92-94, 1999)
  2. St. Etienne - "Filthy"

    (from London Conversations, Best Of, 2009)
  3. My Bloody Valentine - "Drive It All Over Me"

    (from You Made Me Realise EP, 1988)
  4. A Tribe Called Quest - "Can I Kick It? (Phase 5 Mix)"

    (from Can I Kick It? 12", 1990)
  5. The Church - "Life Speeds Up"

    (from The Blurred Crusade, 1982)
  6. Curtis Mayfield - "Superfly 1990"

    (from Super Fly T.N.T. OST, 1990)

Notes & Errata:

The cover art is photoshopped from the cover of INXS' "Kick" release from 1987.

The 'Dog Man Star' track that doesn't feature any contribution from Bernard Butler and that Gareth refers to rather unkindly is 'The Power'.

Sarah Cracknell's solo album was called Lipslide. It was released in 1997.

The B-side on the 7-inch release of My Bloody Valentine's 'You Made Me Realise' was 'Slow'.

'Under The Milky Way' was released in 1988. 'Starfish' was The Church's sixth album. To date, they have recorded 17 studio albums.

The second Superfly movie is called 'Super Fly T.N.T.'.


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